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Hereby we are glad to present you our website.
We are one of the few plantations in the Netherlands that grows their products on clay ground. Especially if your garden exists of clay or sand and peat, this is important for the growing of the plants. It is well known that plants grown on sand do not re-grow very well on clay.

Even the slate trees and roof trees of healthy and easily to maintain types like the Platanus Orientalis Minaret, the Liquidambar Styraciflua Parasol and the Amalanchier Laevis Ballerina are being grown on five layers, which have been formed over the past years.
And what do you think of the Liquidambar Styraciflua Paarl, a narrow ascending small tree with dark green pointed leaves which it keeps until late autumn.

Beside our large assortment of trees, shrubs, conifers, ornamentals etc. of the common plants we are also growing many special and rare types and separate forms. You will probably not recognize all of the plants I have, but don’t be ashamed because some of them are very rare, and just a hand full of people even know of their existence.

I don’t have the time to put every single plant I have on the website, but feel free to drop by if you like to see our complete collection.

We are specialized in the designing of gardens and the making of planting-plans which require little maintenance (a design is free of charge). By using uncommon trees, shrubs and conifers such as the Chinese maple with its magnificent striped bark and many evergreen plants like the Fatsia or Cryptomeria, we can design a very beautiful decorative garden, in both summer and wintertime. It is possible to have a constant thriving garden, even in mid-winter with plants like the magic hazel.

We can take care of the entire construction, earthmoving, paving, etc. If you already have a garden without any plants, we can do the implantation for you.

Delivery at home is possible.